ABOUT Cecily

After having been a child star and touring the world with the English National Ballet Cecily has had a diverse career having then gone on to have hit records with her band 'The Morrighan' and now appearing in many films and TV shows such as The Hunstman:Winters War and Star Wars Episode 8.

Recognized as one of the foremost Pencak Silat Seni performer in the world, Cecily Fay has just finished filming a starring role in the martial arts/steampunk feature film Flower Of Sarnia. Cecily is the creator of the all female performance company Babes With Blades, promoting dynamic female physicality through a new vision of martial arts.

Cecily has been training in Martial Arts since 1991 when she was introduced to Tai Chi at the London Contemporary Dance School. She began studying Silat Melayu in 1995 and became the double European Champion in Pencak Silat the same year, winning the "armed" and "unarmed" Gold Medals, specialising in Sword Form. 

Cecily began teaching in 1999 when she became the Senior Instructor and was left in charge of the Seni Silat Haqq School. She has now made the decision pass on her skills to more students and has opened Silat Scathach Warrior School, teaching all aspects of Silat on residential courses at beautiful retreat centre Dragons Holt in Somerset. For more details visit 

Warrior School

Cecily has just opened Warrior School, a residential martial arts and yoga retreat in Somerset.

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